Custom Multi-Truck Smokehouse

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Here at Pro Smoker, we don't manufacture "cookie cutter," smokehouses. We listen to what YOU need to be successful and use that information as the foundation from which we build. From the layout of your business to the products you make, we pay attention to every detail to fully optimize your Pro Smoker's functionality, efficiency and output. When you see a smokehouse with the Pro Smoker logo, you know it was built and installed exactly for that place of business, to do what it does best. Contact our experts today to begin designing the smokehouse that will truly help your business grow

        • 99 Program & Segment Microprocessor Control
        • Manual Back-Up Controls
        • Multi & Manual Stage Panels
        • Single & Multi-Pen Chart Recorders
        • Internal Temp Data Loggers
        • Hot & Cold Shower
        • Humidity Wet/Dry Bulb
        • Total Temperature Control
        • Stainless Steel Cabinet w/ Super Structure
        • Fully Welded, Stainless Steel Seams
        • 2" High Density Insulation in Walls, Floor, Ceiling & Door
        • Stainless Steel hinges & Handles
        • Double Latching System
        • High Temp/Long Lasting Door Seals & Gaskets
        • Optional Drain Location
      • Model
        350-HL 44"W X 39"D X 90"H - Hand Load
        400-T               44"W X 39"D X 82"H  |  5-Station Truck w/ 4" Castors 35"W X 32"D X 54"H
        500-T 44"W X 44"D X 86"H  |  5-Station Truck w/ 4" Castors 35"W X 38"D X 60"H
        500-2T 44"W X 84"D X 86"H  | Two 5-Station Trucks
        500-3T 44"W X 124"D X 86"H  |  Three 5-Station Trucks
        500-4T 44"W X 164"D X 86"H  |  Four 5-Station Trucks
        700-T 50"W X 56"D X 101"H  |  5-Station Truck w/ 5" Castors 38"W X 48"D X 67"H
        700-2T 50"W X 108"D X 101"H  |  Two 5-Station Trucks
        700-3T 50"W X 160"D X 101"H  |  Three 5-Station Trucks
        700-4T 50"W X 212"D X 101"H  |  Four 5-Station Trucks
        1100-T 60"W X 56"D X 110"H  |  5-Station Truck w/ 6" Castors 46"W X 48"D X 72"H
        1100-2T 60"W X 108"D X 110"H  |  Two 5-Station Trucks
        1100-3T 60"W X 160"D X 110"H  |  Three 5-Station Trucks
        1100-4T 60"W X 212"D X 110"H  |  Four 5-Station Trucks
        *Allow room for control panel & smoker generator.
      • Model
        300 SG Sawdust 50" Approx. Height w/ 24" Hopper / 14" X 14" X 18" Burn Box
        350 SG Sawdust 54" Approx. Height w/ 24" Hopper / 20" X 20" X 22" Burn Box
        300 SG Pellet 30" Approx. Height w/ 2o Lb. Hopper / 19" X 35" X 30"
        Liquid Smoke Systems Automatic or Manual

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