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Castor Threaded Stud Mount

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  • Each Contains a Set of 4 Stud Mounts


Smoker Model

4 ½"                         Model 300SS Handload & Lower / Model PK 100SS (Home Smoker)     
4 ⅜" Model PK 100 SS (Home Smoker) & Model 100SS BBQ Roaster
5 ½" All H-Series Smoker Models
  • Made in the USA

    Since 1977, our award-winning smokehouses have been proudly designed and made in Wisconsin.

  • Iron-Clad Guarantee

    Our pride and workmanship backed by unmatched service ensures that your smokehouse will last for generations to come.

  • NSF/UL Listed

    Pro Smoker is the only smokehouse manufacturer to have its entire line NSF Standard and UL Standard approved and listed.