Touch-Screen Smokehouse Controls

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    • Improve Efficiency & Output of Your Pro Smoker
    • Touch Screen, Automated Controls
    • Log Data From Smoking History
    • Monitor & Control Your Pro Smoker's Data From a Remote Location Through Your Web Browser
    • Easily Control & Display Data From Current Cook Stage
    • Log Data From Previous Cooks
    • Create & Edit Programs To Your Exact Smokehouse Specifications
    • Modify & Run Cook Cycle Without Permanent Change To Cook Program
    • Ability To Cook Without Internal Probe
    • View Graphs Of Your Current Cook Cycle, Probe Readings & Process Data Off The Cook Data Tab
    • Duplicate Previously Made Programs Without Having To Reprogram From Stratch
    • Review In Analog or Digital Display: Heat, Humidity, Smoke & Fan Outputs, Along With Cook Probes
    • Automatic Restart if Power Fails

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