Smoking & Dry Aging: A Match Made in Meat Heaven

Dry Aging 101

Smoking & Dry Aging: A Match Made in Meat Heaven

If you're already familiar with the art of dry aging, you know that aging meat has a profound effect on flavor and texture. As meat ages, the flavor concentrates and becomes more intense. Imaging taking your smoked products to the next level by adding an umami flavor that only dry aging can achieve. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of using a Dry Ager with your Pro Smoker Smokehouse. 


The process of making charcuterie evolved from the need to preserve meats before the refrigeration was common. With the luxury of refrigeration, the preservation of meat is no longer a necessity for most households, but the craft of charcuterie lives on. Whether you're making whole muscle or sausage style charcuterie, the goal is to reduce water in the protein to increase pH and inhibit bacteria growth. 

Smoking before aging is a great way to activate cultures through your fermentation process, or to activate encapsulated citric acid before again. Smoking also helps develop culture and adds mouthwatering smoke flavor to your product before aging. When the ager works its magic, you're left with a super concentrated meat flavor which is further enhanced by the smoke.


Dry aging isn't just for fermented sausages, you can also dry age your favorite types of sausage like snack sticks, summer sausage and landjaeger. Simply process your snack sticks or sausage as you typically would, then add them into the ager for about 7-14 days. 

Pro tip: Be sure to save a few pieces of freshly processed sausage to compare against the aged. You'll be able to compare and taste the difference. 

Whole Muscle 

There are several different ways to incorporate both the dry aging and smoking process with whole muscle cuts. Several cuts of meat can be dry aged BEFORE smoking. Good candidates for this process include: Bacon, Brisket, Pork Butts, and Fish. You can even dry age beef chuck or brisket then use the trimmings to make hot dogs, snack sticks, or even fresh burgers. 

The marriage of a Pro Smoker smokehouse and a commercial dry ager is a culinary match made in heaven, offering a plethora of benefits for those in the business of smoked meats. From dry aging sausage for exquisite charcuterie to enhancing the quality of whole muscle cuts, this combination allows you to elevate your smoked meat offerings and stand out in a competitive market. Whether you're a seasoned smokehouse owner or just starting, investing in this dynamic duo is sure to take your smoked meat creations to the next level.


Smoking & Dry Aging: A Match Made in Meat Heaven

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