Reserve 300 Dry Ager

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Fresh isn't Always Best. 

For the serious, committed meat crafter, we offer the ultimate solution - our 300 liter capacity dry aging unit. This larger unit is perfect for aging larger cuts of meat or for processing large quantities of meat at once, while still ensuring precise temperature and humidity control for optimal results.

The Reserve 300 can hold up to 286 lbs of meat or charcuterie and includes 5 shelves and 3 meat hooks. 

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Reserve 300


For the serious meat crafter, our Reserve 300 is the ultimate solution for adding dry aged meats, cheese, and more to your arsenal.

  • 286 lb Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • Bacteria Defense UV Lighting
  • Compressor Cooling
  • Compatible with Charcuterie & Primal Cuts
  • Always-Visible Digital Display
  • Temp Range 34° - 71° F
  • Humidity Range 50% - 85%
  • LED Lit Interior
  • Locking Mechanism

Pays for itself in less than 2 uses

The Sizzle of Success


    With one of the widest temperature and humidity ranges on the market, you can age anything from cheese to sausage.


    No need to change out water tanks or defrost your ager, the Reserve 300 features an automatic compressor system to regulate the cabinet environment.


    Your safety is our priority. Our Dry Ager features a bacteria defense UV light, working tirelessly to create a hygienic environment that promotes healthy aging, free from harmful microorganisms.


71"H X 23.5"W X 27"D
286 lbs
Stainless Steel Cabinet with Aerated Glass Door
110 Volt
34 - 72° F
SGS Certified

out with the new, in with the old.

Fresh is Boring

  • LED Lit Interior

    Watch the magic unfold as your meat ages. The LED-lit interior allows you to observe the transformation while instantly creating a showpiece in your kitchen.

  • always-visible digital display

    Stay in control at all times with the intuitive digital display. Monitor temperature and humidity levels effortlessly, ensuring your meat ages to perfection.

  • Locking Door

    Keep your treasured cuts safe and secure while the aging process works its magic.

meat the next level

pro reserve 300

Boost your profit and add value to your meat case with our commercial-series dry again cabinet.

Locking Mechanism
Always Visible Digital Display
Stainless Steel Shelving
UV Bacteria Defense
LED Lit Interior
  • the sizzle of success

    why dry age?

    Provide value to your customers while reaping the rewards. With the Pro Reserve 300, butcher shops and meat markets can get a full return on their investment in just over one aging cycle. Learn more about how the Reserve series can impact your business.
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  • the perfect complement to

    your smoked products

    The Reserve 300 is designed to be used hand-in-hand with our commercial-grade smokehouses. Add value to your meat case with dry aged sausages, snack sticks, summer sausage, jerky and more.
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Hang Primal Loins, Fish, Charcuterie and more using our heavy duty meat hooks.

The Reserve 300 comes standard with 5 stainless steel shelves. Dishwasher safe.


The optimal time range for aging meat depends on a variety of factors. As a general guide, use the following:

Fresh Bone-in Beef: 28-45 Days

Smoked Sausage: 21 Days

Fresh Pork Cuts: 14-21 Days

Fresh Fish: 7-14 Days

No, the Pro Reserve Series features an automatic compressor system to regulate the cabinet environment.

Himalayan salt blocks are a great visual addition to your dry ager but are not necessary for the safe and effective aging of meat.

Tips from the Pros

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