Bobby and PJ's Jerky Shack - Model 300SS

Pro Smoker ’N Roaster was challenged to find a more efficient and cost effective smoking solution for Bobby and PJ’s Jerky Shack


Bobby and PJ’s Jerky Shack, Mount Jackson, VA


Bobby and PJ’s Jerky Shack found themselves losing business after purchasing a 100 pound rated Brand X smoker oven. Although rated for 100 lbs., the smoker was maxing out at only 25 pounds per load. Not only was the unit producing a mere 1/4 of its potential capacity, loads were extremely labor intensive requiring constant monitoring and continuous product rotation to ensure evenly smoked product.

Robert Baker, owner of Bobby and PJ’s set out to find a smoker that would produce high quality product at maximum load capacity without requiring extra work and time from their employees to monitor and rotate product.


Pro Smoker ’N Roaster assessed the situation at Bobby and PJ’s meat processing facility. Upon learning more about their current processing schedules, business goals, and objectives, Pro Smoker presented the Hand Load model 300SS as the best possible solution. Like all Pro Smokers, the 300SS comes standard with quality control features that allow for maximum load capacity and even smoking. 300SS features that address the problems that Bobby and PJ’s was experiencing are:

    •   Automatic temperature control (60 degrees to 250 degrees F)
    •   Smoke burner timer, fan switch
    •   Top and bottom vents for good smoke control
    •   Door gasket for smoke-tight operation and minimum heat loss
    •   High velocity-circulating fan for even heat/smoke distribution
    •   Draft inducer for extra fast drying and positive venting

    In the case of Bobby and PJ’s, the smoker would be running load after load so we recommended the upgrade to a Cook and Hold control to add further savings through efficiencies. Cook and Hold Control features include:

      •   Digital readouts
      •   Internal meat temperature shutdown
      •   Time shut down
      •   Roast and hold option

      Customers who offer catering services and/or who have more of a deli-style offering will especially benefit from the Cook and Hold as product can be held at a safe lower temperature to ensure product is not overcooked. It’s self-monitoring functionality eliminates manual checks.

      Bobby and PJ’s added the Cook and Hold Control upgrade and are very happy they did. They knew they needed equipment that could handle continuous smoking and wanted to invest in a permanent solution. They needed a smoker that would remove the guesswork- One that would not only improve efficiencies, but also consistently produce high quality product. Pro Smoker delivered the unit in July of 2015.


      Today, Bobby and PJ’s routinely turns out 100+ pounds of beef sticks and his product has never been better. His process times are also significantly shorter; Bobby and PJ’s is not only enjoying more capacity per cycle, but they are also able to run multiple cycles per day.

      It’s real simple, I’ve increased my business by 500% by installing the Pro Smoker ’N Roaster 300SS Hand Load. I love it,” - Robert Baker, Owner, Bobby and PJ’s

      Production capacity is up over 7 times the capacity of their previous unit, however owner Robert Baker doesn’t know exactly how much as business has been so good he hasn’t had time to calculate. We think this is a good problem! With the old unit, Bobby and PJ’s annual average for deer processing was approximately 300 per year. This was all they could handle until they brought in the Pro Smoker 300SS. They are happy to report that they are now well over 500 this year and will be processing straight through February. He’s a very strong advocate for the Cook and Hold control as it further allows him to concentrate on other areas of his business as he grows. Ninety-five percent of Bobby and PJ’s output is snack sticks. They also produce jerky, hot-dogs, summer sausage and more.

      Business has been so good that they plan to add a second smoker in the Spring of 2016. Pro Smoker ’N Roaster loves when they can make positive changes to smoking processes. Quality products that provide cost-savings technologies are our specialty.

      Learn more about the Hand Load 300SS or any of our industrial smokers, here at Pro-Smoker 'N Roaster today!

      Bobby and PJ's Jerky Shack - Model 300SS

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