A Natural Shift: What they won’t tell you about liquid smoke and why.


A Natural Shift: What they won’t tell you about liquid smoke and why.


The Move from Liquid Smoke to Cleaner Methods:

Liquid smoke is created by heating hardwood sawdust or chips in a tank until they smolder. The gases and particles are cooled so that they condense and liquefy usually with the help of water. It is then refined and filtered to remove impurities, into a liquid smoke additive. Liquid smoke is often used as a seasoning to add smokey flavor to foods.


Myth: Liquid Smoke systems are clean burning.

False. Liquid smoke systems, as well as sawdust or log systems, create a very heavy tar and creosote buildup. Processors familiar with liquid smoke systems are also familiar with the cumbersome cleaning processes. They are forced to use either expensive caustic cleaning solutions and/or costly add-on cleaning systems built into the smokehouse. Unfortunately, these cleaning systems often prove to be ineffective. Automatic cleaning systems give processors a false sense of security, as they are dependent on all parts of that cleaning system functioning properly. One plugged nozzle, or one missed corner will lead to a build-up of tar and creosote over time. Manual cleaning is very labor-intensive on these systems and accessibility to all areas is difficult. Over time, tar and creosote buildup will affect the performance of the smokehouse leading to loss of efficiencies and breakdown of parts. Replacing those parts becomes even more of a burden.



Myth: Natural smoke systems produce a higher quality product but involve longer processing times.

Wrong. Quality engineered smokehouses can meet fast processing times, regardless of the smoke system they utilize, and that’s what is important to note. The application of smoke is only part of the entire process. An effective smoke system is one that is developed to create quality, naturally smoked products without losing that valuable processing time, as well as maintaining a cleaner system for better long term use. Seek out smokehouses that incorporate specific enhancements and features to address air flow and air exchange that give stability and uniformity of temperature as well as smoke distribution through the system. Pro Smoker ‘N Roaster has developed smokehouses which, when paired with their Pellet Smoke Generator, can produce a naturally smoked product with maximum load capacity, higher end yields in the same amount of time or less. Processors invest a lot of time into preparing the product before it even enters the smokehouse; they want a system that completes the process and makes their efforts worthwhile.





Myth: All wood pellets are created equally

Unfortunately, they are not. One should select wood pellets made from pure round log tree fiber. Never use wood pellets from pre-used wood, which incorporate pesticides, hydrocarbon additives and/or other harmful chemicals. Instead, seek out wood pellets free of by-products, composite wood products, glues or formaldehyde. Pro Smoker's wood pellets burn with  approximately 98% efficiency, significantly reducing ash, tar and creosote. A clean natural smoking system utilizes minimal mechanical parts which reduces downtime. When paired with a wood Pellet Smoke Generator, the result is a more natural dense smoke to your product. Wood pellets are the lowest emission solid-fuel burning products available and infuse exceptional smoke flavor into meat, fish and poultry. Moreover, wood pellets are an integral part of a clean-smoking system that creates that dense smoke that is significantly cleaner than liquid smoke, or even sawdust or log systems. A clean-smoking system can virtually eliminate tar and creosote in the smokehouse and smoke pipes, and allows for a quick and easy clean with a simple off-the-shelf cleaning solution.
























    Features Paramount to any processor's smokehouse system

  • A system built with technologies to address clean-smoking.
  • Built for ease of maintenance and cleaning.
  • Even air exchange.
  • Designed for consistent and uniform smoke to reach all products throughout the smokehouse. Achieves deep penetrating color and flavor profiles
  • Systems that have proven to yield full capacity loads regardless of the product being smoked.
  • A complete smokehouse system that maximizes all efficiency, shorter process times, consistency of product, higher yields and produces quality smoked product for the customers.
  • Built by manufacturer that provides reliable, local customer service options.


      With over 8,000 working smokehouses in the field today, Pro Smoker and Vortron have designed and built smokehouses in Iron Ridge, Wisconsin for 48 years. Their customers win local, state, national and international awards annually and are most impressed by the company’s quality smokehouses and unparalleled customer service. Pro Smoker and Vorton’s 110,000 sq. ft. facility has two fully functional test kitchens and a sales staff with over 150 years of smoking and processing history.  Pro-Smoker.com / Vortronsmokehouses.com


        A Natural Shift: What they won’t tell you about liquid smoke and why.

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