Pro Classic Assembly Procedure

Smoking Tips

Pro Classic Assembly Procedure

Getting Your Smoker Set Up 

Welcome to the world of smoking! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned BBQ enthusiast, nothing beats the mouthwatering flavors and experience of smoked food. Follow these steps of setting up your brand-new smoker, ensuring that you're ready to smoke like a pro. Let's get started so you can start smoking like a Pro. 

  1. Find a spot for your smoker that is level and large enough to place your smoker in
  2. Upon unboxing your smoker check for any damage that may have occurred during the transportation of your smokehouse.
  3. Carefully place smoker on its back on a blanket or soft fabric, tighten the wheels in a clockwise direction. Once wheels are installed stand smoker upright.
  4. Open the door and Install the wire shelves rack assembly. Align the large end of the gourd shaped hole of the rack with the fixed column on the side panel of the body interior, set it on the fixed post of the rack, and then drop the rack down to the top of the gourd hole.
  5. Once secure place the six wire shelves on the rack assembly. 
  6. Install the product drip tray: The drip pan (included) is formed with 2 tabs on one side; the tabs must always be positioned towards the back of smoker to ensure proper airflow. 
  7. Place the sawdust pan on burner. 
  8. Place the chimney cap on top on smoker damper chimney.       
  9. You're now ready to smoke like a pro! 

Now that you're armed with the knowledge and excitement, go forth and create mouthwatering, smoky masterpieces. Happy smoking!



Pro Classic Assembly Procedure


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