Pro Smoker Congratulates the 2024 WAMP Specialty Meat Award Winners


Pro Smoker Congratulates the 2024 WAMP Specialty Meat Award Winners

After another successful year at the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors Convention, Pro Smoker extends its congratulations to the 2024 winners of the Specialty Meat Awards. This year, Pro Smoker customers secured an impressive 58% of the winning entries and over 60% of the coveted Grand Champion titles.

The Wisconsin Specialty Meat Awards remains the largest of its kind in the nation, attracting meat processing facilities and markets from across the state to submit over 870 products spanning 38 categories. From summer sausage to bratwurst, ham to bacon, smoked poultry, and beyond, each entry undergoes rigorous evaluation by a panel of over 40 judges, including food scientists, out-of-state meat processors, and various industry professionals. Criteria such as appearance, eye appeal, aroma, and taste are assessed.

Out of the 190 processors honored with awards, a 111 were Pro Smoker customers.  Out of the 38 processors awarded with Grand Champion titles, a staggering 29 were proud patrons of Pro Smoker.

The full list of winners can be viewed here.

The 2024 Winners include: 

  • Brandon Meats and Sausage Inc - Brandon, WI 
  • Bunzel's Meat Market - Milwaukee, WI
  • Driftless Provisions LLC - Viroqua, WI Joe Hanni
  • Eden Meat Market - Eden, WI
  • Falls Meat Service - Pigeon Falls, WI 
  • Fox Bros. Piggly Wiggly - Hartford, WI 
  • Gehring's Meat Market - Hartford, WI 
  • Geiss Meat Service - Merrill, WI 
  • Gempeler's Supermarket - Monticello, WI 
  • Hoff's United Foods - Brownsville, WI 
  • JM Watkins LLC - Plum City, WI 
  • Leroy Meats and Catering - Horicon, WI 
  • Pingel Processing, LLC - Shawano, WI
  • Roskom Meats - Kaukauna, WI 
  • Salmon's Meat Products - Luxemburg, WI
  • Sorg Farm Packing Inc - Darian, WI
  • The Durand Smokehouse - Durand, WI 
  • The Meat Block LLC - Greenville, WI
  • The Meat Market - Baraboo, WI 
  • Webers Processing Plant Inc - Cuba City, WI
  • West Bend Sausage Plus - West Bend, WI
  • Wilson Farm Meats - Elkhorn, WI
  • Wisconsin River Meats - Mauston, WI

Pro Smoker Congratulates the 2024 WAMP Specialty Meat Award Winners

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