Model 500T

  • 100% 304 Stainless Steel Construction with Super Structure
  • Automated 100% Sealing Electric Damper System
  • Fully Automated Humidity System/Steam System with no External Steam Source Required
  • Automated Cold Shower
  • High-Velocity Circulation Fan For Even Smoke/Heat Distribution
  • Optional Drain, Control, Smoke Generator and Door Hinge Locations
  • 2" Thick High-Density Insulation in Walls, Floor, Ceiling and Door

Introducing the Pro Smoker Model 500-T - the ultimate smoking solution for butcher shops and meat processors. With its advanced technology and exceptional features, this smoking unit allows you to smoke a wide range of meats to perfection, making it the perfect addition to your processing facility.

The Model 500-T is designed with a state-of-the-art control system, allowing for precise temperature and humidity control, resulting in consistent and exceptional results every time. Its user-friendly controls and large viewing window make it easy to monitor the smoking process and achieve the perfect smoke for your meats.

Constructed with top-quality materials and heavy-duty construction, the Model 500-T is built to last and withstands the demands of a busy processing environment. With a large smoking capacity, you can smoke a variety of meats, from ham and bacon to sausages and more.

Investing in the Pro Smoker Model 500-T is a wise choice for any butcher shop or meat processor looking to elevate their smoking game. By incorporating relevant keywords and phrases like "butcher shops" and "meat processors" seamlessly into the description, it can help potential customers find the product when searching for smoking solutions for those specific industries. This can increase the product's visibility and potentially drive more traffic and sales to the website.

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  • Made in the USA

    Since 1977, our award-winning smokehouses have been proudly designed and made in Wisconsin.

  • Iron-Clad Guarantee

    Our pride and workmanship backed by unmatched service ensures that your smokehouse will last for generations to come.


    A four generation strong company with over 100+ years of smoking experience behind every product.

  • Touchscreen Controller
  • Pellet Generator
  • 16ga SS Connecting Pipes to Smokehouse with Quick Connect Sealing System
  • 1 - 6-Station Stainless Steel Product Truck (35" x 38" x 60")
  • 6 Heavy Duty Product Screens (32" x 35")
  • 30 Stainless Steel Smoke Sticks (34"or 37")
  • Operator's Manual and Step-by-Step Recipe Book
  • Data Recording Options: micro processor has all the capabilities to record everything to your office computer for HAACP traceability with the remote viewing option on your PC or phone

  • Control Upgrades
  • Refrigeration Capabilities
  • Horizontal Airflow
  • CIP Cleaning Systems
  • Customized Exhaust Systems
  • Data Recording Options
  • Custom "Nesting" Trucks
  • Hi-Temp Limit Options
  • CIP Cleaning System
  • Customized Exhaust System
  • Refrigeration Capabilities
  • Sawdust or Liquid Smoke System
  • Pass-Through System

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1 Year Parts & 90 Day Electrical


H 86" x W 55.25" x D 49.25"
450-500 lbs. Summer Sausage with 3.5 lb. casing
500 lbs. Ham
400 lbs. Bacon
200-300 lbs. Snack Sticks or Wieners
250 lbs. Polish Sausage/Ring Bologna
High-Grade 304 Stainless Steel (Exterior/Interior)
240/120 Volts 3 Phase or 1 Phase, 208/120 Volts 3 Phase or 1 Phase, 480/120 Volts 3 Phase
Standard Range: 60°F - 230°F
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