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The pellet system of smoking sausage offers that "Old World Flavor" with all of the modern conveniences of today's smokehouses. Our revolutionary pellet generator provides for a pit-smoke, clean-burning and efficient way to make sausage and other smoked products. Benefit from savings in both electrical costs and cleaning time. Taste and experience the difference. 


    • Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Construction
    • Produces Great Pit Smoke Flavor
    • Clean Burning
    • Energy Efficient
    • Cold Smoking For Easy Temperature Control
    • H 30" x W 35" x D 19"
    • Average ROI of Less Than 2 Years
    • Wood Pellets Produce Cleaner, More Concentrated Pit House Smoke Flavor
    • Average of 90% Increase in Electrical Savings Compared to Sawdust
    • Less Clean Up Required
    • Less Down-Time Between Cycles
    • More Smoke Produces Better Pit Smoke Flavor
    • Clean Burning With Very Little Creosote Build-Up & Tar Drippings
    • Energy Efficient   
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