Bodin Fisheries - Model 500-T


Bodin Fisheries - Model 500-T

Struggling to keep up with demand, Bodin Fisheries was in
search of a cost effective smoking solution that would increase
both load capacity and product yields


Bodin Fisheries, Bayfield, WI

Bodin Fisheries found themselves with an inability to keep up with increasing demand. Their smokehouse was simply unable to effectively meet capacity loads. This also had a negative effect on product quality. Bodin had to limit load capacity in order to maintain a consistent smoke throughout the entire load. While their smoker was rated for 120 pounds capacity of salmon filets per load, they were limited to approximately 75 pounds per load with a maximum of 5 screens. Additionally, loads were extremely labor intensive requiring constant monitoring and product screen rotations to ensure evenly smoked product. Owner Jeff Bodin tasked manager Joe Van Der Puy to find a smokehouse that would produce a high volume of high quality product and reduce labor and operating costs.

Pro Smoker received a request from Joe Van Der Puy and soon after visiting the Bodin Fisheries facility. After reviewing installation location and learning more about their business goals and objectives, Pro Smoker presented Bodin with the T-Series, truck load smokehouse model 500T. With the Horizontal Air-Flow system installed, they were able to maximize their load capacity with 16 screens of product per load. Pro Smoker's unique horizontal air flow system with variable speed fan, which is part of Pro Smoker’s Clean-Smoking™

technologies also eliminated the need to monitor the fish and rotate screens. This alone gave Bodin a 267% increase per load.

500T features that address the specific needs of Bodin Fisheries:

    • Fully automated system
    • Pellet Smoke Generator with Clean-Smoking™ technologies to increase smoke and reduce ash, tar and creosote
    • Horizontal Air Flow Panel System and Variable Speed Fan for maximum capacity and consistent smoke color and flavor through all product; with Clean-Smoking™ technologies
    • Reduced manual labor for smoke process and cleaning time
    • Heavy-duty, fully welded double walled stainless steel smokehouse with 2” high temperature insulation in floor, walls and ceiling give you ultimate heat control.

    In the case of Bodin Fisheries, their smoke cycle time decreased from approximately 6 hours per load to 4 – 4-1/2 hours per load which resulted in increased daily yields. Summer is Bodin Fisheries busiest season and the summer of 2015 was their first summer smoking with the Pro Smoker ‘N Roaster 500T. For the first time, they were able to meet and exceed daily demand without running out of product, all while seeing a significant increase in sales. This trend continues today as they are able to expand their management efforts away from monitoring and maintaining their smoke processes.

    “In the Spring of 2015 we were struggling to keep up with the growing market demand of our smoked fish. Knowing that we would need a new oven, we reached out Pro Smoker. After explaining our product, production needs and structural challenges, the Pro Smoker sales and engineering team jumped into action. They came to visit our production plant and custom designed a venting system that worked around our structural challenges. Our new 500T horizontal flow system coupled with
    a 16 station truck allows 17,920 sq. in. of smoking rack surface greatly reducing our effort and resources put forward to hit our production needs. Post installation and sale, the Pro Smoker team maintains a strong partnership in service and assistance. Pro Smoker is a top-notch company and we are happy to be associated with them.”

    —Joe Van Der Puy - Plant Manager, Bodin Fisheries, Bayfield, WI.


    Learn more about the Model 500-T or any of our industrial smokers, here at Pro-Smoker today!


    Bodin Fisheries - Model 500-T

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