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Take a Digital Tour of our New Test Facility!


Take a Digital Tour of our New Test Facility!


Take a Digital Tour of our New Test Facility!

Pro-Smoker has just recently installed a state of the art test facility where our customers are able to test our smokehouses firsthand. Our USDA approved test facility offers interchangeable smokers, a meat grinder, and a brand new sausage linker. The space is available to all of our customers to view the smoking process directly in the smokehouse. We've added a standard vertical smoke system for larger products and cased products such as, sausage, brats, kielbasa, snack sticks, etc. In addition, our horizontal airflow and panel smoke system is for products like jerky, fish or smaller sized smoked cheese. We have a formal test kitchen calendar so that we are able to schedule guests as needed. We also have staff on hand to show all of the details of the equipment in the facility. 



Our room is temperature controlled so we can maintain any temperature needed for meat processing from start to finish.  Further to this, we have installed a refrigeration cooling coil system in the smokehouse so we can regulate cold smoking temperatures direct from the control on the smoker. This simulates processor locations that don’t have temperature controlled processing rooms. Again, you can process product from start to finish if needed. We also use the room to test other smokehouses, while also testing future designs. 
If you would be interested in learning more or would like to schedule a demo, please feel free to contact us. 
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By Jeff Warren