chicken wings electric smoker

Smoked Chicken Wings

Get deliciously smoked chicken wings in your electric smoker with this easy recipe. For extra crispy skin, finish in the oven for the best of both ...
Smoked & Roasted Turkey

Smoked & Roasted Turkey

Don't settle for a dry, flavorless bird. This recipe features an overnight brine with a smoke and roasting process, all done in our home units.
bbq turkey on a platter

Smoked BBQ Turkey

The ultimate smoked turkey! Skip the oven and fryer and add some wood-fired flavor to this year's turkey. This simple recipe walks through our fool...
bbq chickens from pro smoker

Smoked & Roasted Chicken

The most unbelievably juicy and moist chicken, this recipe will be your new go-to way for smoking whole chickens. 
Smoked Turkey

Smoked Turkey

Crafting The Perfect Smoked Turkey:  Smoking a turkey is a true art form, requiring patience, skill, and a passion for flavor. But fear not, as we'...

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