bbq turkey on a platter


Smoked BBQ Turkey

The ultimate smoked turkey! Skip the oven and fryer and add some wood-fired flavor to this year's turkey. This simple recipe walks through our fool-proof method for smoking a turkey in your Pro Smoker. 


Smoked BBQ Turkey

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  • Phil Alfonso

    Your recipe looks great. I just want to make sure I get this right, b/c I’d NEVER hear the end of it if I screw it up. js. I’m cooking a 20-22 Heritage bird in my vault smoker. As I understand your directions here the total time for cooking is as follows:

    Until 90*F IT – 1 hour
    Add wood – 2-hours
    Increase cook to temp to 300* – Until it reaches 170* IT – 3-4 hours
    Total time – 6-7 hours, plus a bit to crisp up the skin.
    Do I have that correct? 6-7 hours for a 16-20 lb bird?

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