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BBQ Roaster

The Pro Smoker BBQ combines the sophistication of our smoker ovens with the technology of wood pellet grills and is ideal for catering. Its heavy-duty frame rests on sturdy casters to offer a portable BBQ ready for transport. It uses very little electricity and can run off any vehicle with a simple power inverter. Taste and experience the difference.Save


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sliced ham

Cured & Smoked Whole Ham

Once you try a homemade cured ham, you'll never go store-bought again. A fairly simple process, the fresh or green ham is injected with cure then b...
Smoked & Roasted Turkey

Smoked & Roasted Turkey

Don't settle for a dry, flavorless bird. This recipe features an overnight brine with a smoke and roasting process, all done in our home units.
smoked pecan pie

Smoked Pecan Pie

A classic dessert with a woodfired upgrade. This pecan pie is easy to make and features mouthwatering smoked pecans to balance out the sweetness. T...
smoked mashed potatoes

Smoked Mashed Potatoes

A simple and easy mashed potato recipe with a smoky twist. Heavy cream and whole cloves of garlic are smoked to infuse flavor then mixed into fluff...