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Dry Cured Chorizo

Dry Cured Chorizo

Unlike fresh chorizo, Spanish style chorizo is a type of cured hard salami spiced with paprika, garlic and other old spices. In this version, we us...


A great charcuterie for beginners, Bresaola is an Italian air-dried beef, commonly made from lean eye of round, loin or venison. The round is rubbe...
sliced and cured capicola meat

Homemade Capicola

Capicola (also spelled Capocollo, Coppa, Ham-Capocollo) is a dry cured whole muscle meat typically made from the coppa muscle of pork. Located betw...
Thermal Processed Dry Aged Charcuterie

Thermal Processed Dry Aged Charcuterie

Making homemade charcuterie is easy when processed in your Pro Smoker Smokehouse. Follow our general guidelines for aging fermented and processed s...

Aged to Perfection

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Dry aging at home has never been easier or safer.

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Dry Agers

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